A Brief History

In 2003 three long time colleagues got together to create their own mattress company. They had worked at great places, but they wanted to build a place they could call their own, a company where their big ideas can be integrated and serve the customers with perfect mattress products.

For the past 14 years we have made it our mission to do great work, build long lasting relationships and have some fun activity stop on the way.  During our successful journey we came up with an idea of introducing world standard fabulous mattresses in the market. Integrating our innovative ideas and expertise, our team designed unique mattresses with a lot of patience. Thus we came up with a variety of premium branded next generation luxury mattresses under our new venture “GoNexa”.

 Our Approach

We apply strategic thinking, design insight and practicality to each of our products. Our approach is collaborative, responsive and knowledgeable with the goal of delivering success from both design and quality. We believe in the perfect start. Every great day starts the night before. Good sleep and great starts are too important to be elitist.

 What makes us Different?

We care, we collaborate, we do great work, and we do it with a smile and lot of patience because we are excited to give you the best mattresses.